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Wuxi Suntech, as a famous solar photovoltaic manufacturer in the world, is engaged in the R & D and the production of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules. Founded in 2001, the Company has its sales areas spread all over more than 80 countries and regions in the world. The Company is always devoted to promotion of the conversion efficiency of products, continuously enhances the R & D of new technologies, improves the manufacturing techniques, and wholeheartedly provides photovoltaic products with high quality, high reliability and high cost performance for customers by virtue of the state-of-the-art technical advantages and the excellent manufacturing level.

Solar Panels by Suntech

  • Polycrystaline 60-cell module (265-295W)
  • Polycrystalline 120-cell module (275-295W)
  • Monocrystalline 60-cell module (275-305W)

ZN Shine Solar Panels

ZN Shine solar panels are manufactured by ZNShine PV-Tech co. in China. Brightmax is the parent company of the same. ZN Shine is a well-established company in solar panel sector with a good service and success rate. The Stringray solar panel by ZN Shine is a panel with better warranties. Major highlights of the products by ZN shine are they come with low cost, good warranties backed by Powerguard and it’s a vertically integrated company.

Solar Panels by ZN Shine

  • 12BB Double-Glazed Poly PV module
  • 12BB Polycrystalline PV module
  • 12BB Double-Glazed Mono PV module
  • 12BB Monocrystalline PV module
  • 5BB Double-Glazed Poly PV module
  • 5BB Polycrystalline PV module
  • ZXM6-D60 Series
  • ZXM6-D72 Series


Jinneng Group Co., Ltd. (Jinneng Group), merged and reorganized with original Shanxi Coal Transportation and Sales Group Co., Ltd. and Shanxi International Electricity Group Limited Company, is a large state-owned integrated energy group.

Jinneng Group aims to build itself into one of the first-class modern energy groups with the pattern of “clean use of traditional energy and efficient development of clean energy”. By deepening enterprise reform and business upgrading, Jinneng Group have established and improved the industrial system featured by “clean energy as main business, coal, electricity and real estate as supplementary, modern service and finance as new industry”.

Jinko Solar

JinkoSolar is a global leader in solar panel sector with an employee base of over 12,000 employees. Being a company having a global presence, it distributes its solar products, solutions and services for utility, commercial and residential customers. Till date in the year of 2018, Jinko Solar has been a leader with most amount of MW shipped so far. Jinko Solar has 6 productions facilities globally with 15 oversea subsidiaries in Japan (2), Singapore, India, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Australia and United Arab Emirates, and global sales teams in 12 countries.

Solar Panels by Trina Solar

  • Jinko Eagle Poly 270-275w
  • Jinko Eagle Mono Perc 290-350w
  • Jinko Eagle Poly 72 Cell 310-330w
  • Jinko Maxim M Series 265-270w

Trina Solar

Trina Solar is one of the largest solar panel suppliers in the world. A well-established company networking across 30 countries and a solid reputation and global distribution network.A Chinese solar panel manufacturer with a strong focus on research and development, Trina is ranked as one of the leading Tier 1 panel manufacturers. Since 1997, Trina Solar has been manufacturing large range of solar modules for all range of installations. It corporates latest technologies such as bifacial, half-cell, dual glass, PERC to name a few.

Solar Panels by Trina Solar

  • AllMax
  • TallMax
  • DuoMax
  • DuoMax - Dual Glass 72-Cell Modules
  • TrinaPro

Ja Solar

Listed on the Fortune China 500 list and in the world top 500 energy companies, JA solar was founded in 2005 and is a global manufacturer of high-performancephotovoltaic PV products. With 11 production bases and 20 branches, products of JA Solar are available in 100 countries. JA solar is the brand of choice especially in utility scale power plants, commercial and institutional applications. Installers also prefer them for residential rooftops.

Solar Panels by Ja Solar

Bifacial Mono PERC Double Glass ModuleHalf-cell moduleStandard ModuleDouble Glass Module

- 60-Cell Bifacial Mono PERC Double Glass Module

- 72-Cell Bifacial Mono PERC Double Glass Module

- 60-Cell Bifacial Mono PERC Double Glass Module (30mm frame)

- 72-Cell Bifacial Mono PERC Double Glass Module (30mm frame)

- 60-cell Mono PERC Half-Cell Module

- 72-cell Mono PERC Half-Cell Module

- 60-Cell Poly Half-Cell Module

- 72-Cell Poly Half-Cell Module

- 60-Cell Mono PERC Module

- 72-Cell Mono PERC Module

- 60-Cell Poly Module

- 72-Cell Poly Module

- 60-Cell Mono PERC Double Glass Module

- 72-Cell Mono PERC Double Glass Module

- 60-Cell Poly Double Glass Module

- 72-Cell Poly Double Glass Module

Q Cells

German technology is incorporated by Hanwha Q cells. Known for providing quality panelswith an above average 12-year product warranty and improved long term performance of 83% after 25 years.The Q.antum technology of Q cells is based on passivated emitter real cell technology designed to capture previously unused sunlight back into the cell where it can be converted into solar electricity.The major benefits of Q cell solar modules is with Q.antum technology you get the shortest investment payback time, it comes with all-weather technology, high performance, extreme weather rating, highest yields under real conditions and a reliable investment.

Solar Panels by Q Cells

Residential and Small CommercialCommercial and IndustrialUtility

Q.peak Duo G5

Q. peak-G4.1

Q. power-G5

Q.peak Duo L-G5.2

Q.Peak L-G4.2

Q.Plus BFR-G4.1

Q.Peak Duo L-G5.2

Q.Peak L-5.0.G

Q.Plus L-G4.2

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is a global energy provider founded in 2001 with business subsidiaries in 20 countries across the 6 continents. Canadian Solar currently employs around 12,000 workers worldwide with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada, China and Vietnam. Canadian Solar has recently acquired Recurrent Energy and serves as a leading manufacturer of solar PV modules. Canadian Solar’s total project pipeline is now 8.9 GW, including the last-stage project pipeline to over 2.2GW. Canadian Solar’s PV panels have been so thoroughly tested and proven under harsh conditions that offer a 26-year warranty. All the above the customer support in over 20 countries adds up to attractive bankability too.

Solar Panels by Canadian Solar

  • HiKu (400+ Watt)
  • BiKu (Bifacial)
  • HiDM (High density shingle)
  • Ku Modules (High efficiency)
  • Dymond (Double Glass)
  • MaxPower (72 cells)
  • All-Black (Aesthetics)
  • Standard (60 Cells)

Seraphim Solar

With an office in Queensland, Australia; Seraphim Solar is a Chinese manufacturer of solar panels with 10-year product and 25-year performance warranties. Their products are certified as corrosion resistant which makes them suitable for installation in coastal areas.Founded in 2009, is a moderate size manufacturer of solar panels with production capacity of 2 GW by 2016. As with many large producers of solar panels, Seraphim is vertically integrated and produces the silicon ingots and that solar cells are made from. This makes them less reliant on outside suppliers.

Solar Panels by Seraphim Solar

  • Standard Series
  • 1500v series
  • Dual Glass series
  • Eclipse Series
  • Bifacial Series
  • Blade Series
  • Eclipse Mini
  • Seraphim MX
  • Seraphim Smart
  • Solaris Ac Series

LG Energy

Being the leading manufacturer globally, LG presents best value range of high quality and performance panels. Using high grade and long-lasting N-type cells, LG offers a 25 year manufactures and performance warranty on Neon 2 and Neon R modules. Being one of the most popular high-end panels in Australia, LG’s range of premium quality panels have industry leading technologies with the Neon 2 panels with multi-wire busbars. Customers especially in Australia and North America highly rate LG panels as they come with highest standards in solar power sector with black anodised aluminium frames.

Solar Panels by LG

  • Mono X Plus - 300W
  • Neon 2 - 330-335W
  • Neon R - 360-370W

Sun Power

A 25-yearmanufacturer’s warranty, power output warranty at 92%. Figures are as astounding as the brand. Sunpower offers this amazing warranty on its E-series and X-series. IBC N-type cells are widely available in North America rather than Australia; however, they are very popular and most trusted performing panels currently available.

Solar Panels by Sun Power

  • SunPower E-series Solar Panels
  • SunPower X-series Solar Panels
  • SunPower P-series Solar Panels


Widely suitable for harsh Australian conditions, Winaico offers panels which are reasonable at your wallet, still offering a premium range. M6 PERC panels of Winaico come with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. Winaico is considered well reliable in Australia backed by a very good track record.

Solar Panels by Winaico

  • WSP-M6 PERC series, monocrystalline
  • WSP-M6 Full Black series, monocrystalline
  • WST-P6 series, polycrystalline
  • WST-P6 PERC series, polycrystalline


With inception in 1996 in Norway, REC is one of the leading solar energy company. Through integrated manufacturing from silicon to wafers, cells, high-quality panels and extending to solar solutions, REC provides the world with a reliable source of clean energy. REC employs more than 2,000 employees worldwide, producing 1.4 GW solar panels annually. Company’s TwinPeak 2 range of panels are cost effective and very popular among the installers.TwinPeak were the first panels available using the half size cells, split module format providing in higher efficiency and improved shading tolerance.

Solar Panels by REC

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